Boost profits,
Reduce Delivery Costs

Elevate your restaurant’s delivery game with Queeker. Integrate orders seamlessly to drivers from DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Grubhub without the hefty fees.

“With Queeker, we were able to reduce our delivery costs by approximately 92% and double our profits from delivery and takeout sales while also delivering our food faster.”

owner, Co-owner 

How the Queeker Technology connects your delivery orders to drivers from leading delivery platforms with no fees

Cost Reduction

Avoid paying a fortune in fees by sending your orders directly from your own website or mobile app.

Profit Dubling

it's not a pipe dream; it's reality. By avoiding paying 30% of their total revenue to these apps, restaurants have increase their net profit up to 250%

Faster Deliveries

Our smart technology connects your order to the nearest drivers, regardless of which platform they work for, ensuring always faster deliveries. Better reviews and more business await

The Queeker Delivery Platform Lets You Revolutionize Deliveries and Take Total Control Swiftly

No Developers or Coding Required

No need for developers or coding skills! Queeker empowers you to manage deliveries effortlessly. Our user-friendly platform puts you in control without the complexity of coding

Match Any Design or Brand

Harmonize Queeker with your restaurant’s unique identity! Regardless of the design or brand, our delivery platform is flexible and customizable to suit your business’s distinctive aesthetic.

Faster Turnaround, Easy to Use

Experience quicker deliveries effortlessly! Queeker offers an easy-to-use solution that not only ensures efficient deliveries but also seamlessly integrates with any existing system. Fast, simple, and versatile

Integrate Anything

Seamlessly integrate Queeker Wireless with your existing tools! Our platform is designed to effortlessly integrate with a variety of systems, offering you a hassle-free experience and maximum flexibility.

Grow your business with Queeker
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Monthly sales up to $300.
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